The MAPSI Behavioral Health Network

OneNet’s behavioral health network is called the MAPSI Behavioral Health Network, and includes psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed professional counselors and other behavioral health specialists.

About the MAPSI Behavioral Health Network

Not all OneNet participants use or have access to the MAPSI Behavioral Health Network. The name “MAPSI” will appear on health plan ID cards for OneNet participants with access to the MAPSI Behavioral Health Network.

Behavioral health physicians and health care professionals participating in MAPSI can be found in the MAPSI online directory, located in our Find a Provider section of this site.

Access to the MAPSI Behavioral Health Network includes a Behavioral Health Utilization Management component administered by OneNet. However, some clients with access to the MAPSI Behavioral Health Network choose to have another utilization management vendor provide behavioral health utilization management services. MAPSI participating providers are required to use their best efforts to comply with the behavioral health Utilization Guidelines of OneNet clients. The phone number for the behavioral health Utilization Management program for a group, when applicable, is a required element on the group’s health plan ID card.

The information provided below pertains to providers participating in the MAPSI Behavioral Health Network.

Need Help Finding a MAPSI Behavioral Health Practitioner?

To identify providers who participate in OneNet’s MAPSI Behavioral Health Network, use our Find a Provider online directory and search the directory for MAPSI Behavioral Health Network. You may also call our professional services department at 1-800-342-3289.

MAPSI Utilization Management Services

To initiate utilization management for behavioral health services for OneNet participants accessing the MAPSI Behavioral Health Network, please call: 1-800-282-6565

The name “MAPSI” will appear on the ID card of participants who have access to the MAPSI Behavioral Health Network. If a Utilization Management vendor other than OneNet is used to pre-certify or pre-authorize behavioral health services, the phone number of the vendor will appear on the participant’s health plan ID card.

Revised Behavioral Health Utilization Management Criteria

A revised version of our psychiatric utilization management criteria was implemented November 1, 2003. To order a copy, call 1-800-828-6565. Please look for the following enhancements in the new criteria:

  • Clearer differentiation between all psychiatric levels of care in terms of program characteristics/rendered services and severity of illness/medical necessity.
  • Criteria for Eating Disorders now exists as a separate criteria set, which was reviewed and approved by the Behavioral Health Peer Review Committee and other community practitioners.

Coordination of Care for Behavioral Health

Following a hospitalization related to behavioral health, MAPSI provides support and resources to help health plan participants comply with the treatment and follow-up care recommended by their behavioral health practitioners.

The Accessibility Staff work with the Inpatient Clinical Care Coordinators to assist with discharge planning needs, and with our Member Services and Professional Services departments to help locate appropriate behavioral health practitioners.

The Accessibility Staff also maintains a Community Resource Database which can be used to identify community resources for MAPSI participants.

Emergency Admissions

If a participant is admitted to the hospital because of an emergency, the facility must notify OneNet within 24 hours or the next business day. Additionally, a relative, friend or the hospital can notify us by calling 1-800-282-6565.

MAPSI Behavioral Health Network Forms

The following forms should be used to request pre-certification and pre-authorization for certain behavioral health services provided to OneNet participants whose health plans include access to the MAPSI Behavioral Health Network and MAPSI Utilization Management.