Accident Protection Plan

Almost two in three U.S. workers say they have less than $1,000 to pay for an unexpected emergency. 2

Help protect your business and employees from the high cost and stress of an accident.

Big and small, at work, at play or at home, injuries lead to more than 20 million medical visits each year.1 This can mean surprise health care bills and a lot of stress.

Offer the Accident Protection Plan

Our Accident Protection Plan is insurance that pays a lump-sum benefit directly to a covered employee after an accident. The amount of the benefit is based on the covered expenses and treatments the employee received, such as emergency room services, surgeries, recovery care and other expenses.

Any payment the plan makes is in addition to the benefits your employees receive from their health plan.  And the employee can use the money as they see fit – to pay their health plan deductible, accident costs or use it for other expenses. 

How it works: Matt’s example3

Matt was playing in his weekly softball league game and badly injured his knee and wrist. Even with his health plan, Matt had deductible expenses, copayments and had to miss some work, which affected his income. 

Matt's employer offers the Silver Plan.

Matt signed up for the Base + Enhanced plan for additional benefits. See detailsOpens a new window

Matt’s injury added up to $5,750 in expenses.

Matt’s health plan helped. But he still had out-of-pocket costs and faced lost wages. So he submitted an Accident claim.

Matt received a $2,090 check. 

After Matt's claim was verified and processed, he received a welcomed check. He could then use the money any way he wanted.

It can even pay for sporting activity injuries

Accidents don’t have to be super serious. With enhanced benefits, employees can get a benefit for a wide range of expenses and treatments. This includes payment for covered injuries that happen from participating in an organized sport, and payment for child daycare and transportation. Add the wellness benefit and employees can get an added benefit just for completing a health screening.

This is insurance that pays benefits directly to the member after a covered injury. The following is a summary of the plan option available.

There is currently on plan level available.

The level represents the value of the benefits paid out.

You can also choose the type of coverage:

  • Off-the-job coverage for accidents that happen outside of work/job hours.
  • 24-hour coverage (on and off the job) for accidents that happen at any time.

Base plan benefits include:

  • Accidental death and dismemberment.
  • Initial care.
  • Hospital care.
  • Premium waiver.

Add enhanced benefits to cover follow-up care and more than 60 common injuries.

Eligibility and plan features may vary by state and group size.

Group size

  • 51 or more eligible employees.


  • Fully paid by employer.
  • 100 percent participation of eligible employees.
  • Fully paid by employee.
  • 20 percent participation of eligible employees and 10 enrolled employees.
  • Employer pays 100 percent of Base plan.
  • Employee pays 100 percent of Buy-up plan and can offer coverage for spouse and child(ren).
  • 100 percent participation of eligible employees on Base plan.
  • 20 percent participation of eligible employees and 10 enrolled employees for Buy-up.


  • Must be actively at work a minimum of 20 hours per week.


  • Coverage portable at employer’s group rates.
  • See Certificate of Coverage for additional information.

Rate guarantee

  • Two years.

Optional riders

  • Wellness rider:
    Pays a benefit per calendar year to the member and an insured spouse after completing required health screening tests:
    • Silver Plan pays $100 per calendar year.
    • Gold Plan pays $150 per calendar year.
    • Platinum Plan pays $200 per calendar year.

Customers may select other wellness coverage options.

  • Occupational HIV rider:
    Pays a one-time, lump-sum benefit equal to 100 percent of the coverage amount.
    • Benefit is paid to a covered person who sustains an injury in the performance of occupational duties that results in acquiring or testing positive for HIV.
    • Benefit is available to health care or other related professions and is elected at the employer/case level.

It's easy to add Accident Protection to your UnitedHealthcare health plan to:

  • See savings.

    You may qualify for significant savings by bundling your plans. You may also save time with more efficiency.
  • Enjoy simplicity.

    Get one account team, administration process and website, customer service line and more.
  • Inspire healthier.

    Bridge2Health®* uses health plan and specialty plan data to identify and empower your employees with support and resources that can help them make informed decisions and take control of their health.

*To be eligible for Bridge2Health, employers must have 51+ eligible employees and have both a UnitedHealthcare health plan and a UnitedHealthcare Accident Protection Plan. 

Mack, Karin A. et al. “Preventing Unintentional Injuries in the Home Using the Health Impact Pyramid.” Health education & behavior : the official publication of the Society for Public Health Education 42.1 0 (2015): 115S–122S. PMC. Web.1

2 Weschler, Pat. “63% of Americans Can’t Cover Unexpected Expenses.” Fortune. Time Inc., 06 Jan. 2016.

3 Example is based on a mid-level standard 24-hour plan design, which includes the organized sporting injury benefit for a 500-employee company, with voluntary (100 percent employee-paid) funding and employee-only coverage. See example details.