Programs & Services

Help your employees get the most out of their health care benefits by using our distribution-ready materials and communication resources such as brochures, fliers, email articles and more.

Quick Care Options

Help employees find alternatives to the emergency room for care. With options like 24-hour Virtual Visits, employees may get the care they need and save both time and money.

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Maternity Programs

Provide resources to expectant mothers to help them identify and manage high-risk pregnancies and assist employees with getting the most out of their benefits before, during and after delivery.

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Provider Networks

Help employees find providers rated on quality and cost efficiency.

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Nurse Line Programs

Give your employees access to a registered nurse who can assist them over the phone.


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Wellness Programs

Promote wellness by providing employees with information and support to help them identify health risks, set goals and empower them to make positive lifestyle changes.

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A–Z Directory

Search by program name or topic to find helpful information, materials and resources to help support your employee communication needs.

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Other online resources

Employer eServices® is a suite of online tools and resources to help simplify your job – providing secure access to eligibility updates, invoice processing and more.
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Digital Onboarding is designed to save you time and money by eliminating the need for live enrollers, paper forms or third-party solutions. 
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Eligibility VerificationOpens a new window for existing employers allows you to make sure you meet participation and eligibility requirements. 
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  • If you are a broker or consultant: Call your UnitedHealthcare sales representative.

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