Digital tool for parents-to-be

Track pregnancy milestones, connect with a nurse and more.

Pregnancy is a special journey.

For handy and timely support, expectant parents can turn to the UnitedHealthcare Healthy Pregnancy® app.

Members who are pregnant can explore ways to connect with a registered nurse 24/7. Nurses can answer questions and, if needed, provide specialized support.

On-the-go resources and tools.

A one-click connection to personal support from a nurse is just one of the app’s features. Members can also:

  • Receive weekly updates on pregnancy milestones based on due dates.
  • Stay on top of doctor visits and tests.
  • Find reliable information about pregnancy symptoms and concerns.
  • Set reminders to take vitamins.
  • Track the baby’s kicks.
  • Take health assessments, including consulting with a nurse by phone.
  • Access links to health plan benefits and cost estimator tools.

What to do next

Stay connected. Stay healthy. Stay informed. Learn more by downloading the UnitedHealthcare Healthy Pregnancy app.